Superfoods connoisseurs

Rooted in our traditions , we are a global team. Latest & time-tested ingredients are added to give your almond milk an added boost.

If its good for you, it goes into Allnut Almond Milk. We have made a configuration that works the best for our [Delhi] environment & lifestyle.

We know your busy schedule, we know how you are out there in the pollution for hours. We want to be a partner in your journey, giving you the energy and boost you need to do more.

Do More - Be More
with #supernaturalgoodness of ALLNUT Almond Milk.


We are a fair trade company, our ingredients are procured organically & locally as much as possible, we hire locally too.

Everyone across our value chain is paid & treated fairly.

The Allnut kitchen staff comprises of house-wives who work with us part-time,enabling them to manage home + work successfully. Allnut has given them a new meaning. We provide meals for our drivers at the end of delivery days.

While we create products that are good for you, we believe in being good for the planet too, starting with those around us.

The leftover almond pulp, a very high source of fibre , is dehydrated and given to elderly ladies ( by the women who work in our facility) in nearby villages. They knead it along with their dough to make rotis.

We want to keep going and become the No.1 supplier of fresh almond milk in Delhi, for everyone people who are associated with us.