Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Incase we lost you at almond milk…

Almonds soaked with salts for 9 hours, meet alkaline water in a hydraulic press., the enzymatic combination creates - okay we are just kidding :)

Though the process is something like that - almond milk is simply the liquid extracted from blending almonds & water together. With a lot of love & an equal amount of science.

Serving size: how big are the bottles?

We serve a standard size, all products are packaged in 300ml Reusable Glass Bottles.

Shelf life: how long does allnut almond milk last? and does it need to be stored in the fridge?

It is very important that our products are always kept refrigerated at or below 4°C. The suggested shelf life of our almond milk is three days, however when properly refrigerated, the Shelf life can be prolonged between three and seven days. Since Nut Milks have a higher pH they can spoil faster if not kept cold.

The recommended shelf-life of our almond milks is 3 days (Day 1 is the day the milk was delivered to you) , but if you store them properly they will last longer.

As outlined above, our products are raw, with enzymatic life intact. As such, the cold chain is vital in maintaining their freshness, quality, and safety. From our production facility to our refrigerated delivery vehicles and the fridges in our stores, we always keep our products at or below 4°C. We ask that you please do the same. They must not be left out on the counter, in a hot car, or in any other unrefrigerated situation for a prolonged period of time. If our products are allowed to reach room temperature, they may spoil before 3 days, and they may no longer be safe to consume.

As soon as you receive the delivery, please take the Almond Milk out of the box and place them in the fridge.

How can I prolong the shelf life of Allnut almond milks?

Its actually this easy … but we require a little bit of your commitment

  • As soon as you receive the delivery, please take the Almond Milk and place them in the fridge.
  • Place it in the coldest compartment of a fridge that that is not opened often.
  • When you open the Almond Milk, take out as much as you want & keep the remaining immediately back in the fridge
  • When you open a bottle, make sure to close it real tight incase any is left

Its 5 days and i still have some left! help!

Dont worry! We got you covered! Head to our blog to read our articles about Freezing Allnut Almond Milk.

Once opened, how many days do i have to consume the Almond Milk?

You have 5 days from the day you receive the almond milk , whether or not you open it.

Please remember the important part is to keep them refrigerated. We often suggest to store the Almond Milk in the Chiller section / or a colder section of your fridge. If you have a two fridges , please keep Allnut in the one which is opened less often. Because of the Delhi Heat, this is the most important precaution to take.

Ordering Allnut

Allnut delivers fresh, cold-pressed almond milk to most areas in Delhi/NCR every Wednesday & Saturday.

What is the price of one bottle?

We sell a standard 300ml size, the cost of per bottle varies between ₹200 to ₹350. Delivery charge is separate (₹100 per delivery).

Please visit the Product page to see more details.

How to order?

We will deliver a minimum of 2 bottles, you can order ala-cart or create your own subscription.

Delivery charge is separate (₹100 per delivery).

Why do you charge for delivery?

You are right, we shouldn’t be charging for delivery, we don't want to. But unfortunately cold-chain delivery in india is very challenging & expensive.

Our distribution is through complete cold-chain (from our kitchen to your kitchen). In the delhi heat, managing Cold-chain delivery is the biggest challenge for us. We have hired our own fleet of drivers, and Allnut Almond Milk is delivered to you in low emission AC cars.

Tell me more...

Your prices are kind of steep. Please explain.

Yes, we know, our Almond Milk is pricey—but we're not trying to pull a fast one on you. We are committed to making the highest quality, most delicious, healthiest, and most sustainable plant-based products on the market. This is an expensive proposition. Here are a few of the reasons why it's so darned expensive (and also—we think—worth it).

Almonds are expensive, prices fluctuate widely throughout the year. The process of churning almonds into milk and getting a good, creamy product batch-on-batch is not an easy one. Our kitchen resembles a lab. Almond milk is a very sensitive product (it can spoil in a few hours if not made with proper hygiene & standards). You see it would have been easy to mix and add stabilisers to ensure the product is easier to handle. But we took the long route. And this process costs several times more than its conventional counterparts. However, we are committed to delivering the healthiest, most sustainable product possible, and our decision to milk organic produce is a pillar of that promise.

Our products are raw, enzymatically active, and have a short shelf life. We procure fresh almonds, and store them in temperature rated rooms. Almond milk is churned in small batches. This is labour-intensive, and requires careful planning to mitigate waste. But it allows us to offer the healthiest and most delicious product possible. Glass is more expensive than plastic, but we prefer it for environmental, health, and taste reasons. We'll stop there, because we can hear some drums rolling. The last thing we'll say on this matter is that unlike others, we have not increased our prices with time (or compromised our are material quality).

Our product is always being improved, today we are the best tomorrow we want to be better. Making health more accessible is important to us, and we are working on it. But we must always balance this goal with our commitments to quality, taste, health, and sustainability.

Good for the Planet

Why are your products bottled in glass?

Delhi Is The Largest Contributor To India's 25,940 Tonnes Of Plastic Waste Every Day. Our worst nightmare is to add to it.

Glass lasts longer than plastic and is not porous like plastic, so you can wash it and reuse it over and over again without losing its shape or absorbing colours or odours.

Furthermore, studies have shown that chemicals used in even the safest kinds of plastic bottles break down and leach into the water or juice they are carrying, especially if the bottle is exposed to heat or sunlight. We think it would be counterproductive to painstakingly press a live plant based milk that is as good for you as possible, only to serve it in a container that leaks toxins into your body.

Okay, enough moralising for today—time to point out the obvious. Glass is better tasting, better looking, and better feeling than plastic. Don't you think?

Why We Don't Sell Almond milk in plastic bottles. Head over to our Blog to find out more.

What should I do with my empty glass bottles?

We will collect rinsed glass bottles— you can collect points on each bottle returned.

Delivery and subscription customers, please give us your rinsed, empty bottles, used bags at the time of your next delivery, and we will pick them up and add points to your account for redemptions. Alternatively, you are most welcome to drop them to our location in South Delhi ( please write to us on with subject “bottle return” for more information).

Product Troubleshooting

Milk has separated, Whats going on?

Thats alright! Almond milk is a natural, cold-pressed product - which separates naturally. Just shake it back together & enjoy!

Okay Milk has separated AND I cant shake it back

That is bad news !


  • Has it been more than 3 days to delivery? (day 1 being the day it was delivered to you?) if so, the milk is probably over its shelf life and has gone bad
  • It has been less than 3 days to delivery? We really hope you didn't keep the almond milk outside at room temperature, it being a natural, live product goes back when kept at room temperature for too long
  • It has been in the fridge all along? Sometimes, when the fridge is opened way too often , or the product stored on side of the fridge door, it just doesn't get/stay cold.

Please read FAQs above on how to store your allnut almond milk and how to prolong the shelf life of Allnut Almond Milk.

I might have left the milk outside for too long, now what ?

That is bad news !


  • Has it separated and is not shaking back?
  • Does it smell funky?
If yes, please discard the milk as it is no longer safe for drinking.

Please read FAQs above on how to store your allnut almond milk and how to prolong the shelf life of Allnut Almond Milk.

Delivery & Subscriptions

How do i customise the subscription? For instance I want 3 bottles of almond milk on Saturday and 4 on Wednesday how do I opt for that?

If you would like to customise the number of bottles for each delivery - Please request a call back and we will customise the subscription for you.

You can also do two separate subscriptions - one for Saturday with 3 bottles and one for Wednesday with 4 bottles.

Can I request a specific drop-off time for my delivery?

Because we optimise delivery routes for maximising fuel efficiency & ensuring the freshest delivery for you, unfortunately we cannot promise that your order will arrive at a specific time. But if you let us know your preferred time we will try our best to accommodate, but again we cannot promise.

I am outside your delivery zone. can you make an exception?

As long as it is within 5 hours driving distance from Delhi - we can cater to bulk orders (minimum 20 bottles) or your multiple orders by a group of friends/family in a area. If you want this, we can do a special batch just for you! The delivery costs, unfortunately, will have to be borne by you. But when it is for multiple order, this is optimised.

If you want to make an enquiry about orders outside our delivery zone write to us with subject line “Allnut in my City” on

Can I send ALLNUT AS a gift?

Now that’s a generous idea! We highly encourage the gifting of almond milk, and we’d be happy to help you shower your friends and family with healthy gifts, and commemorate any and every occasion. Simply enter the name and delivery address of your lucky recipient at checkout, and we’ll help you spread some good cheer.

If you’d like us to be the ones to call and wish your giftee , just let us know.

Do you do almond milk for large parties or corporate events?

Yes indeed. We can set up a small kiosk and make fresh almond milk shakes & smoothies or simple keep our existing range for your next event. for information about corporate cleanses, tasting parties, healthy rendezvous and more , email us with subject line “allnut events” at

I ordered almond milk this morning and i think i’d like more soon. how can i make this a regular thing?

We’re so glad you asked! We offer subscriptions so you can receive the same order twice a week, every week or every other week — automagically! Please see our subscription section for more information.

You’ll be asked to create an account, which will allow you to then skip a delivery if you’re going to be out of town, or cancel your subscription any time.

There was a problem with my order. Now what? And who can I talk to?

We are sorry to hear that.

We will do everything we can to make it right for you, Please drop us a message on +91 9910 99 4234 or send an email to, and let us know what went wrong.

Where and to whom can i give feedback

We love to hear from you! Give your feedback on

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