Our Story

Allnut was found in August 2015 as a kitchen experiment with a seed fund of $100. Dearth of good, natural, whole food options was our driving force, a problem we wanted to so badly solve. Being inspired by the global holistic health industry we set out to launch our own Almond Milk brand in India.

 We started off in our home kitchen & now have a commercial kitchen with a staff of 5 & a fleet for cold-chain delivery.

We are proudly family run and a lot of ideas come on the dinning table, which also happens to be board room. Friends and Family are our consultants and everyone brings in deep passion + great experience. We have on-board our team a Doctor, a Holistic Nutritionist, a Biotechnologist, a Marketer and an IT geek. Ideas are flown in from all over the world - to deliver the Best Almond Milk to you right here in New Delhi .

Along the journey we have met so many mothers whose young kids are intolerant to lactose, we have met passionate vegans, committed Keto practitioners people with celiac & auto-immunity disease - people who really love what we do - and this keeps us going. Every day we are committed to source the right way, make the right configuration in order to create the best almond milk for you.

 Our Mission

Allnut is proudly local & small-batch producer of almond milk.

Our mission is to bring honest and simple almond milks into the homes of those who are lactose intolerant, vegan or simply love nut milks.

Our promise is to be welcoming & inclusive community, to anticipate needs before they are voiced and to treat everyone with respect and honesty.

We have built an honest brand in a new category by investing in smart production, premium packaging and home delivery.