We are Allnut about everything healthy, everything tasty and all things animal friendly.

With challenges of ever increasing daily and environmental stress our founder Sakshi had embarked on a journey to create best alternatives for herself and the family. Being aware of the nasties of Milk, she got onto making almond milk at home in 2012. When Sakshi was on another trip she found some very good locally made almond milk so easily available everywhere. And this is when the idea struck - After 3 long years of making it at home and the process had to be taking mass.

We wanted to make health everybody’s business, and Fresh, natural alternatives more readily available. So in August, 2015 Allnut was found.

After intensive research and commitment to dairy-free, we have the best configuration of Almond Milk which is so tasty and light ,you can have lots of it. Allnut Almond milk is always made from scratch with best in nutrition , locally sourced and mostly organic ingredients. Each batch is made with lots of love and the same home-grown feel that you want from your fresh almond milk.

Cold-pressed is a juicing technique that extracts the highest yield of nutrients possible from each raw ingredient. Cold-pressed juicing eliminates oxidation, and provides almond milk that is richer in both nutrients and taste, optimizing nutrient absorption in the body.

Our almond milk lab-tested and found to be high in Omega-3, Protein, Calcium, Vitamin A-E-D, Magnesium and good energy. It contains no cholestrol, trans-fats or anything artificial.